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Wordless Wednesday: St Pancras Hotel and Station from Pentonville Road

St Pancras Hotel and Station from Pentonville Road, John O'Connor, 1884
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Published: 12/18/17

Greenlight Pinellas Goes to the Ballot

This month, the Pinellas County Commission voted to send Greenlight Pinellas -- the transportation referendum -- to the voters in 2014.
Whether you are for or against a comprehensive transportation referendum like Greenlight -- and recent polling has shown strong support for changes encompassed in Greelight -- the passage or failure of such a sweeping referendum will impact eve... Read more

Published: 12/16/17

OCWEN GOES DOWN AGAIN: The Breach Letter and The "Boarding" Process (Whatever that is)

Last week we won another foreclosure trial on behalf of the borrower.
Almost always, a key issue in Florida foreclosure cases is whether the bank properly gave the borrower notice of the default and an opportunity to cure. This duty is right there in your mortgage--check paragraph 22. Those familiar with residential mortgage foreclosures know that the failure to comply with paragraph 22 is a ... Read more

Published: 04/18/17


"Uhh, Judge..can you, um, reconsider that time you denied our Motion of Rehearing for that trial we lost..please?" --OCWEN Loan Servicing, LLC
This case will not end. 
If you've been following along:
First, we won a foreclosure trial because OCWEN tried to pass off a crumpled Denny's placemat with "PAY US SOME MONEY!" scrawled in Cray-on as its Paragraph 22 Default letter. That didn't work.... Read more

Published: 08/12/15

Relocation in Florida: Difficult But Not Impossible

Last week I posted on our firm's Facebook page that I had had my best day as an attorney, but didnt explain why.
In June, after 8 months of litigation, we had a fairly contentious family law trial in Tampa. In our office, we make every effort to resolve family law issues short of protracted litigation. Family law trials are expensive, emotional, and generally the result of one of the par... Read more

Published: 08/07/15

FORECLOSURE TRIAL TRANSCRIPT: What It Says and What It Doesn't Say

So last we left our heroes...
We beat OCWEN handedly in a foreclosure trial last month. The bank took exception to it and fired their lawyers. They brought in a much bigger law firm to intimidate the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyers here at the small yet unflappable Law Office of Johnny J. Bardine. So far, the bank has filed a Motion for Rehearing, which is likely being denied as I type this. Presumably, ... Read more

Published: 07/19/15

Somebody's worried . . . Epilogue: OCWEN'S Desperate Attempt to Fix Their Mistake

So, if you've been following this space, you'll recall that we beat OCWEN in a foreclosure trial two weeks ago. The court found that the alleged breach letter OCWEN moved into evidence was woefully deficient. The purpose of the breach letter primarily is to give the borrower notice of the alleged default and an opportunity to cure. This letter made the latter impossible, in that it did not indicate... Read more

Published: 07/14/15

OCWEN's Pathetic Excuse For a Breach Letter and How They Lost A Foreclosure Trial

Chalk one up for the good guys!
After a six-year battle with the bank and several desperate attempts by the bank to delay the trial, my clients finally had their day in court in a foreclosure case.
And we won.
Foreclosure cases often turn on one issue and if the borrowers win it's usually because the bank had insufficient evidence. That was precisely the case in the foreclosure trial we just won... Read more

Published: 07/02/15

Music Monday: Every Day Should be a Holiday

Welcome to Music Monday. We like to start the week of right with a good song. No matter what challenges you're facing, it's important to stay positive. Music can help.
The Law Office of Johnny J. Bardine, P.A., is a law firm based in St. Petersburg, Florida, which has as its mission only one goal: to help you resolve your legal problems quickly, efficiently, and favorably. We offer legal services ... Read more

Published: 12/30/13

Flood insurance complicates foreclosure crisis

This area is filled with sad stories of those caught up in the foreclosure crisis. 
Now, flood insurance issues are only making the problems worse, not better.
Many homeowners, especially those with subprime mortgages, can no longer afford their mortgage payments, even if the mortgage is current. That makes a Chapter 13 bankruptcy impossible. Even if you are behind on your payments, and cann... Read more

Published: 12/30/13