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Foreclosure Defense

You Do Have Options

Although you have been served with a complaint to foreclosure on your home, you may still have options. You could try negotiate with your mortgage company to reinstate the mortgage, or you could file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Perhaps you are interested in selling your home or would like to refinance. Some might choose to give up and leave their home.

Or, you can fight the foreclosure.

If you cannot afford your current monthly mortgage payment, selling or refinancing your home may be difficult if you have little equity or even negative equity.

Many homeowners, especially those with subprime mortgages, can no longer afford their mortgage payments, even if the mortgage is current. That makes a Chapter 13 bankruptcy impossible. Even if you are behind on your payments, and cannot afford the current monthly payment, contact The Law Office of Johnny J. Bardine, P.A.,  for a free consultation with an attorney to find out how we can help you fight the foreclosure.

The Truth In Lending Act Helps Consumers

Across the country, judges are punishing mortgage companies for incomplete record keeping and for violations of the Truth In Lending Act.

Is your current mortgage company the exact same company that actually loaned you the money to buy or refinance your home?

How do you know if the mortgage company suing you has been properly assigned your note and mortgage?

Does your foreclosure complaint even have copies of the note, mortgage and purported assignment attached?

If your mortgage company has filed a foreclosure lawsuit, you have or will be served a copy of the foreclosure complaint by a process server. The time to respond could be limited. Contact The Law Office of Johnny J. Bardine, P.A. for a free consultation with an attorney if you wish to defend against the foreclosure.